Over the past months, we have been slowly preparing our trip: dreaming up the project, working on the itinerary, discussing our individual needs and desires for the trip, contacting friends and family who might have more information about Asia, buying necessary clothes and supplies, working on this blog, making lists, talking, talking talking and talking some more.

One of the steps we were most looking forward to, and simultaneously dreading, is the process of moving. Moving is always a drag – between Seb and I, we have lived in combined 14 different apartments over the past 10 years, so we’ve had quite a lot of moving experience. This time was very different though: we’re not just moving, we’re moving on. Moving on with life, to new places and new experiences. It’s very exciting, a little scary, and we can’t wait.

For months now, we have avoided buying any extraneous ‘stuff’ knowing that we’ll just have to pack it up in a few months. It’s been an unexpected blessing for our budget, but also has made us realize how often we turn to material goods for pleasure: a new black sweater because I don’t like my old black sweater, a new set of espresso cups because they’re too cute to pass up, throw cushions for the couch because they really match the color, etc.

I’m not a hoarder, but I have accumulated quite a bit of ‘stuff’ during my adult life. While packing the boxes, I tried to make a conscious effort to get rid of anything unnecessary. My basic rule of thumb: if I haven’t used it in the past year, give it away. I was able to cull several bags of clothes, 25 pairs of shoes, some books, lots of useless paperwork, and a whole lot of emotional baggage. I sold most of my furniture, and made the local Red Cross workers happy with a few donations.

Our backpacks are now ready to be filled with carefully chosen travel items for the next year, and the remaining 100 cubic feet of boxes have gone into storage. I am feeling light as a feather and ready to spread my travel wings.

Too much stuff for a Wayfarer's life

Too much stuff for a Wayfarer’s life