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Cambodia – Photo Gallery

In the short two weeks we allotted to traverse Cambodia, we only got a brief but impressive taste of the Pearl of Asia. We saw thousand-year-old towering temple ruins dotted with saffron robes of friendly Buddhist monks. We observed death-defying tuk-tuk drivers zip around golden shrines. We were mesmerized by gilded dancers smiling mystically as they delicately curved their hands just like the carved temple stones. We chugged up tiny rivers in slow boats and bumped across the country in dusty mini-buses. Here is a selection of photos from our stay in the Khmer Kingdom.

4 Responses to Cambodia – Photo Gallery

  1. routna01

    Using D-frame to freshen up Daihatsu’s runabout
    The classical-looking in exterior with a modern engine inside, Copen, is up on the market for customer to grab hold mostly in Japan. As recognizable car Cambodia dealer Mg Cambodia declared, the manufacturer of the vehicle used the D-frame architecture and will continue with the design for future generation of the roadster.
    The D-frame design has the tendency to make availability on the customization according to patrons’ preferences regardless of the already obtained outputs.
    Daihatsu senior executive officer Hitoshi Horii stated: “This is a type of car that hasn’t existed until now – a model that the user can easily customize even after purchasing it.”
    The company also showing their preference toward the D-frame function by applying it to another of their model car, X Model.

  2. gga0385

    Selleys offers an applicable-dam-surfaced gaps sealing product

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia
    construction materials informed, there is no more worry for holes or gaps with sanitaryware’s, accessories, and other bathroom solutions’ joints with the help of Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom.

    “It is a very flexible product, allowing 25% joint movement and 600% stretch and it won’t crack, crumble or dry once cured” stated Warwick Rounce, Selleys marketing director.

    This product is especially workable with a dam surface such as water and painted oil within two days of applying the product. With the odor-free sensation, Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom is particularly effective in bathroom, kitchen, laundries, and any other wet and confined areas in the house.

  3. rocksyla

    Daringly dark by Carolyn Walker Davis

    According to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information, aside from a distressing look, another way to ensure a true classical theme in a design is a bold, crisp, and dark hue of the main feature as the above kitchen illustrates.
    “We took the deep tones of the feature Aga range as a lead for the classic, bold design,” architect Carolyn Walker Davis said. “The near-black aubergine wall color contrasts with the glossy white cabinet surfaces, creating a monochromatic aesthetic. Another reason for choosing this rich hue is that it holds its own against the dark wooden floor.

    “Easy-to-clean Euro-style cabinetry doors were used and the dark quartzite countertops are durable surfaces for a young family.”

    “This chic, functional kitchen is also about symmetry and rhythm. The two upper cabinets are in balance, dishwashers flank the farmhouse sink, and a workspace is recessed between the two columns of the central dividing wall.”

  4. loyman86

    Visual backdrop by Vernon Applegate

    According to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penhconstruction materials</a information, designed by Vernon Applegate, the presented interior living space achieves an open-plan setting and minimalist aesthetic that is considered a background to the gorgeous outdoor view.
    "The interior has been designed to offer a breathtaking panorama from the living room chairs, the kitchen sink and the master bath," said Applegate. "Inside the front door, where once there was a wall and an entrance into a powder room, there is now a clear view of the ocean."
    Throughout the living room, warm color tones have been used to balance, rather than compete with, the floor-to-ceiling window that dominates the room. Color is also used to mark out zones, as on the two-tone wall with a sofa in its niche.
    "A grand piano is highlighted by a track lighting system designed to add whimsy and drama," Applegate added. "Lighting is a key aspect of the design. It has been used to bring everything to life."


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