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Laos – Photo Gallery

Saffran-robed monks, towering limestone mountains, and wet and wild parties: Laos was a memorable travel month for us. Starting in the South in the 4,000 Islands and slowly working our way North along the Mekong, we loved the colors and nuances that we witnessed across this beautiful country. Water – in the form of falls, rivers and Pii Mai festivities – was a unifying theme. Unexpected for the only landlocked country in South East Asia.

4 Responses to Laos – Photo Gallery

  1. Allen Norton

    Love these, Seb!!! My favorites are the monk with umbrella–(so simple with those 2 main colors!) and the monks with their reflections—so clever a catch!–and the inviting path through the green rice field—ahhhh– and the songtau approaching the village–looks like a painting—–and the color in the balloon vendor one—and the record of life in the woman-feeding-chickens one and of the girls catching fish for dinner–and the ones of the interior scenes in the stilt-houses— 🙂 –AND the low-hanging clouds blocking the view of the mountain–beautiful!!!!!! Love you, P

  2. Drogerys

    Waouuh, magnifiques photos et très beaux souvenirs de voyages !

    Cela donne des fourmis dans les jambes 🙂

    Bises de Paris et tout plein de bonnes choses à venir sur les routes,

    Hélène D.


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