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Nepal – Photo Gallery

Nepal, a small sweep of land between the vast territories of India and China, was once famously likened to a potato stuck between two boulders. But what an amazing potato it is! Like most of the travelers who arrive in the busy city streets of Kathmandu, we soon organized a trek into what the country is most famous for – the majestic Himalayan mountain range. Our two-week trek took us into the high desert on the border with Tibet and into the Forbidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang. From dense forests to lush valleys and moon-like desert scenery, the landscapes of Nepal are certainly the most impressive we’ve ever come across. Their unique location at the top of the Asian subcontinent makes for a colorful blend of Tibetan, Chinese and Indian cultures with all the friendliness and spice that Nepal is known for. Our trekking guide told us that most people who visit Nepal come back repeatedly – and we definitely can see why! Namaste, Nepal. We’ll see you soon.

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  1. garnishednonsense

    What a beautiful collection of travel photographs ! Serves as a great inspiration too.


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