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Vietnam – Photo Gallery

Speedy motorbikes, cool watery rice fields, brightly colored propaganda billboards, big international cities, dusty little villages, tantalizing meals and luscious green jungles: all common sites of the welcoming country of Vietnam.

Over the 20 days we spent in Vietnam, we journeyed from China in the north all the way down the country to eventually cross the border into Cambodia in the south. Buses, trains, bicycles and motorbikes all helped us move along the path and allowed us to experience a huge variety of colors, tastes and sounds unique to Vietnam.

4 Responses to Vietnam – Photo Gallery

  1. Dawn Sorenson

    Seb… amazing images that I return to over and over. When you come back to the states and have an exhibition of your work… I will be there.

  2. stef

    Superbes photos que je ne me lasse pas de regarder : portraits, paysages, j’adore tout.


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